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HB 2009 Moves to Floor Vote

Posted in COVID-19, Foreclosure
On March 24, 2021, the Oregon House Committee on Banking and Labor voted to advance House Bill 2009 (HB 2009) to a floor vote. As detailed in our prior write-up of the Bill, HB 2009 would extend Oregon’s foreclosure moratorium for certain loans through 2021. In advancing HB 2009 to a floor vote, the Committee… Continue Reading

Oregon Legislature Introduces New Foreclosure Moratorium Bill (HB 2009)

Posted in COVID-19, Foreclosure
On February 9, 2021, the Oregon House introduced a second foreclosure moratorium bill related to COVID-19. Known as House Bill 2009 (HB 2009), the new legislation would extend Oregon’s now-expired foreclosure moratorium during an extended “emergency period” running retroactively from January 1, 2021 through at least September 1, 2021. Similar to HB 4204, if signed… Continue Reading

Oregon Governor Issues Executive Order Related to Foreclosure Moratorium

Posted in COVID-19, Foreclosure
On December 17, 2020, Governor Kate Brown issued an executive order related to Oregon’s foreclosure moratorium (HB 4204). Under Executive Order 20-67 (EO 20-67), Governor Brown determined that a state of emergency continues to exists in the State of Oregon as a result of COVID-19 and elected to continue her prior executive order (EO 20-37),… Continue Reading

Washington Supreme Court Confirms Guarantor Liability Following Foreclosure

Posted in Debt Collection, Foreclosure, Graham & Dunn, Regulatory Developments
The Washington Supreme Court has confirmed a personal guarantor’s liability to a lender following the lender’s nonjudicial foreclosure of its borrower’s real property collateral.  In Washington Federal v. Harvey/Washington Federal v. Gentry, Nos. 90078-7, 90085-0, slip op. at 2-3 (Wash. Jan. 8, 2015), the Court held that “guarantors of commercial loans whose own property has… Continue Reading