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Trustee’s Sale Not Subject to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Appeals Court Holds

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A trustee is not a “debt collector,” so foreclosing a deed of trust is not subject to FDCPA’s restrictions or damages. A federal appellate court held recently that the trustee of a residential deed of trust was not a “debt collector” under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), because the trustee was enforcing… Continue Reading

Washington Supreme Court Confirms Guarantor Liability Following Foreclosure

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The Washington Supreme Court has confirmed a personal guarantor’s liability to a lender following the lender’s nonjudicial foreclosure of its borrower’s real property collateral.  In Washington Federal v. Harvey/Washington Federal v. Gentry, Nos. 90078-7, 90085-0, slip op. at 2-3 (Wash. Jan. 8, 2015), the Court held that “guarantors of commercial loans whose own property has… Continue Reading

CFPB Jurisdiction: Continued Expansion via Its Consumer Protection Mandate

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The CFPB has exclusive supervisory authority over depository institutions that have assets totaling more than $10 billion dollars. For these depository institutions, the CFPB is the primary rule maker and enforcer of consumer protection laws applicable to these institutions. For depository institutions that have $10 billion or less in total assets, the Federal Reserve Board… Continue Reading